555 CHUMPS storming Solana Beaches!

CHUMPS WL exclusive collection of Baby CHUMPS sold out in 2 minutes!
Public launch of CHUMPS sold out in 30 minutes!
You can now find both CHUMPS and Baby CHUMPS listed on Magic Eden! Holders of CHUMPS and Baby CHUMPS will be airdropped $CHUMP tokens weekly, these tokens will be able to be burned to claim free exclusive merchandise, claim wl spots we receive for our holders to future solana projects, mint future CHUMPS collections and collections launched through CHUMPS Launchpad, etc.
A liquidity pool will be set up in the future with 100% of secondary sales royalties going into said pool!




Play the beta version of our pokemon themed 2D RPG now! Updates will be made biweekly until final free to play game is released to the public!

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Chumps Exclusive Merchandise

Exclusive merchandise available only to those holding a CHUMPSNFT. Merchandise can only be purchased using $CHUMP. Purchases will be made through our discord in our verified holders channels.

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